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Painless Timesheet<br>Tracking

Painless Timesheet

Flexible time tracking options to match how you work.

Powerful Expense<br>Reporting

Powerful Expense

Create an expense report in seconds with Tracktive’s built in reporting.

Simple App<br>Integrations

Simple App

Ever-increasing integrations to supercharge your workflow.



Track in real time your SR&ED related efforts to maximize your claim

Make sense of expense reports.

Create an expense report in seconds with Tracktive’s built in reporting feature. 

Tracktive Reports

Powerful mobile integration for you and your users.

Tracktive Mobile Graphic

Powerhouse On The Go

Built lean without skimping out on all your most used Tracktive features.

Simple Desktop App Integration

Our mobile and desktop app synchronize content so you stay up-to-date on all platforms.

Well Organized Interface

We’ve designed our mobile app interface with simplicity in mind to make it easy for you to track on-the-go. 

Move faster with your tools in one place

With your other work apps connected to Lumi, you can work faster by switching tabs less. And with powerful tools like Ezytor Builder, you can automate away routine tasks.

Collaboration made easy

Fully loaded with features designed to give you the best web conferencing experience ever.

In-Call Messaging

Virtual events make it easier for users to follow their interactions. Users easily understand the topics discussed.

Private Chat Rooms

Virtual events make it easier for users to follow their interactions. Users easily understand the topics discussed.

Free Mobile App

Virtual events make it easier for users to follow their interactions. Users easily understand the topics discussed.

What our happy clients say about us

“Being on the road 3-4 days a week, it is imperative I have a picture of what is going. With Tracktive I am able to see everything being worked on, in detail if need be, from anywhere. As well, I am able to attach my disbursement and expense receipts directly to my Tracktive tickets, making it easy for our Bookkeeper to keep track of things.”

B. Hennessy

Engineering and Surveying, Principal

“Tracktive’s technology platform creates a single repository of accurate project & financial information, enterprise wide. One set of numbers eliminates redundancy, empowers project financial integrity and provides assurance that business decisions are being made on a basis of financial truth.” 

N. Marchand

Tier 1 Automotive, Design Manager

Why cheat yourself out of revenues and profits? The real culprit is not capturing actual time as the work is done. Waiting to record work for hours or days – it’s too easy to forget five minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes of work done for a client. Of course, there are other benefits to immediate time recording too, like have a FULL set of notes and expensea. Tracktive enables this and a lot more” 

T. Faubert

Technology, Principal Consultant

Frequently asked questions

What is Tracktive?

Tracktive is a real-time Single Repository of financial truth for Project Management, Time Billing, Project Expenses and Human Capital management. Tracktive monitors the pulse, organization wide.

What are the unique attributes of Tracktive?

It is a single application that meets the diverse needs of the Project Lead, Management, and staff.  Rather than use a variety of tools that can compromise project management results, Tracktive’s single application enables you to plan, manage day to day, report and analyze project information in a manner best suited to each constituents needs.  With Tracktive, every user works with a reliable, consistent, and comprehensive view of the project(s), both current and historic.  A single source of rules and data is now available to all with appropriate privileges for business decisions.  The solution’s calculation engine, enables you, in real-time to see where all projects are, or company resources deployed. 

What is your Pricing and Licensing model?

Tracktive offers a very simple pricing and licensing model.  Our application, a single integrated platform is licensed by user, period. 

What is your implementation process?

Successful implementation is our unwavering goal, achieved through support by experienced project managers, best-in-class system architects, and a proven and unique methodology focused on speed and quality of delivery. We consistently deliver the results our customers expect. Every project is assigned an executive sponsor from Tracktive – to sit on the steering committee of each engagement and ensure expectations are being met. This is an important component of Tracktives customer-intimate business model.

What post-implementation services do you offer such as training or sourcing?

To our customers, Tracktive recommends that the person(s) designated to act as system administrators are key participants in the set-up and implementation of the application to ensure knowledge transfer throughout the implementation process. Our mission during the implementation is to empower the organization. When the Tracktive implementation team leaves the client site, the users have the knowledge they need and are extremely proficient with the application. In addition, Tracktive offers on-site training as well as web training for system administrators, end users and end user trainers.  Support is provided via remote support.

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