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Tracktive for Engineering

With intuitive features and a user-friendly interface, our time-tracking software is designed to make your daily workflow more efficient and effective.

Tracktive for Engineers

Features at a glance

Painless Timesheet<br>Tracking

Painless Timesheet

Flexible time tracking options to match how you work.

Powerful Expense<br>Reporting

Powerful Expense

Create an expense report in seconds with Tracktive’s built in reporting.

Simple App<br>Integrations

Simple App

Ever-increasing integrations to supercharge your workflow.



Track in real time your SR&ED related efforts to maximize your claim

Time tracking made easy.

Fully loaded with features designed to give you the best time-tracking experience ever.

Real-Time and Manual Time Tracking

Just click the timer and start your work, or just start working and simply add the net time in the duration field.

Stay Updated with the Activity Stream

As users firm wide update their work with new Activities, they appear at the top of the stream, so you can get a crystal-clear picture of your team’s progress.

Rates & Fee Schedules

No need to worry if the correct rate is applied to an activity. Tracktive knows and applies the correct rate, based on flexible rules.

Project Details

No guessing required. Tracktive displays the Project Budget and Actual onscreen every time you start an activity for a project.

Document Attachments

Attach one or many documents (audio/video files, documents, spreadsheets, drawings) to an activity. 

SR&ED Tracking

Track efforts towards the SR&ED program by keeping detailed records of R&D activities and expenditures.

Expedite your expenses.

Wow your accounting department with first-class expense and disbursement management.

Expense Reporting

Create an expense report in seconds with Tracktive’s built in reporting feature.


Record disbursements easily with Tracktive’s native outlay management.

Subcontractor Management

Know exactly what you’re getting from subcontractors and track your outlays to date with Tracktive’s subcontractor management function.

Client Profiles

Your clients may have different billing rates, report needs or submission guidelines. Tracktive is built with this in mind to give you flexible client management solutions.

Advanced reporting & analytics.

Make it easy to keep record of and analyze all of your project management milestones, timestamps and user activity.

Powerful Reporting

Get the data you need in a matter of seconds with powerful built-in reporting.

Real-Time Analytics

Manage your profitability in Real-Time.

Advanced Search

Search through your entire work knowledge catalog in seconds

Excel Integration

Tracktive integrates with Microsoft Excel to allow for the ultimate in reporting customizability.

Custom Dashboard Layouts

See your data the way you want with custom dashboard layouts.

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